THE GIRLS – September-October 2012

Listen a recent BBC World Service piece about the show:

Praise for the workshop production in 2011

“I am thrilled that this play is touring. I went to see it in October this year. It was for me a thought provoking and poignant play that portrayed some heart rending experiences /scenes of what it is like to be a young person in society today. Given the current economic climate  and the lack of ‘resources’ to support disadvantaged young people, I think this play will  enlighten audiences.

‘The Girls’ is a raw, truthful and insightful play,  I think it will help to raise awareness of the trails and tribulations that young people encounter
In turn I hope the play will contribute to reviewing what needs to be implemented to support disadvantaged young people. They are our future!
Well done Ray and Giles!”

Paula, December 2011

“This drama, based on the young people’s real lives, offers a provocative look at the troubles faced by many inner city teenagers in Britain. It gives insight into what factors may have contributed to the looting and aggression-fuelled criminality that was seen in the 2011 riots…

Convincingly acted… These gripping scenes hold the attention of the audience throughout in a piece that is, at times, tragically funny. The young people’s stories move and inspire as they weave together. In the intimate theatre space of the Warehouse, the audience is totally immersed in the characters’ lives… the cast portray the emotional highs and lows of their lives with great power and intensity….”

Suzannah Miller, for YOUR CROYDON, November 2011


THE GIRLS – October 2011 – Warehouse Theatre, Croydon


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