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THE PROJECT is a film and theatre company under the artistic direction of BAFTA award winning writer/director Ray Harrison Graham.

Ray Harrison Graham and Giles Stogdon (Producer/Administrator) formed he company in October 2011 by, with the aim of nurturing the talent of our young participants who would otherwise not have the opportunity to engage in theatre.

We aim to produce ground breaking theatre, with theatre professionals working alongside talented but untrained young people excluded from mainstream society.

Our first production, THE GIRLS premiered at the Warehouse Theatre, in Croydon 2011 to poular and critical acclaim. It was the result of nine months of hard and rewarding work with young people who had once attended Pupil Referral Units, after being permanently excluded from their mainstream schools.

Our new production of THE GIRLS is based on the workshop performances seen at the Warehouse Theatre last year and is funded by The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation working with the School of Psychology at Sussex University.

Listen to this BBC World Service piece about our recent show in Peckham:

Listen to this BBC World Service piece about our recent show, in Peckham:


4 Responses to About Us

  1. Edward Tuddenham says:

    This website is good start. How did the riots affect your young people?

    • Gilesy says:

      The idea of them being affected by the riots is perhaps to put the question the wrong way round. When we say that we are working with vulnerable young people, we really mean that they are caught up in criminal counter culture. Our ethos is, in reality, that we want to take them out of the life they are comfortable with and give them the tools to exist in “mainstream society”. The dreary necessities of normal life will do the rest.

      What theatre does, perhaps, is offer an adrenaline buzz and positive feedback (I wish I could think of a better phrase than this) that matches and exceeds what they get from any criminal or social activities they might have been involved in. Theatre and performance impose their own strictures and discipline, and teach us how to work very hard for what we want.

      • Paula says:

        I am thrilled that this play is touring. I went to see it in October this year. It was for me a thought provoking and poignant play that portrayed some heart rending experiences /scenes of what it is like to be a young person in society today. Given the current economical climate  and the lack of ‘resources’ to support disadvantaged young people, I think this play will  enlighten audiences.
        ‘The Girls’ is a raw, truthful and insightful play,  I think it will help to raise awareness of the trails and tribulations that young people encounter  
        In turn I hope the play will contribute to reviewing what needs to be implemented to support disadvantaged young people. They are our future!
        Well done Ray and Giles!

  2. James says:

    Excellent news that the project has got very well deserved funding, website looks great too – looking forward to seeing future productions!

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