We are asking anyone who came to see THE GIRLS in Peckham at the Bussey Building to write a paragraph or a couple of lines in any of our comment boxes on these pages. This helps us in our evaluation and helps us to answer the question, “Well, what was all that about?”

Thank you.

In an exciting development, Sussex University and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation funded further development of THE GIRLS in 2012.

Ray Harrison Graham, BAFTA winning writer and director has wrote a new script based on the workshop production he devised with the cast during 2011. Working with the same young performers, this stunning piece will reach its full potential and,  after a three week run at the Bussey Building in Peckham starting on 10th September 2012, which we hope will go on to tour the UK.

The venue, at 133 Rye Lane, Peckham was established as part of the Royal Court’s Theatre Local season two years ago and THE GIRLS follows on from their latest, hugely popular season of new writing. THE PROJECT went as far as painting the theatre space black from top to bottom. Particular thanks go to Charlie Oliver, our Technical Stage Manager for this.

Performance workshops, in preparation for this new production, started on 6th August, with the following cast and production team:

Crystal Brown

Isabel Onyemere

Nathan Roberts

Princess Webb

Christina Gallon

Emily Randall

David Cosgrave

Director: Ray Harrison Graham

Designer: Miranda Melville, Nadia Wood

Technical Stage: Charlotte Oliver

Research: Fidelma Hanrahan

Producer: Giles Stogdon

THE GIRLS ran for three weeks in Peckham, opening on 17th September 2012. We hope to follow this run with a national tour into 2013, as we continue our relationship with Sussex University and develop links with the Performing Arts faculty and the new Attenborough Theatre.

We thank our sponsors in 2011, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, and the Tudor Trust. Special thanks go to our continuing funders in 2012bat Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and to our Psychology School research team at Sussex University.

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  1. christopher gregory says:

    Hi saw ” the girls ” at Peckham last night. Very much enjoyed the production. Very curious however to know how the title relates to the play?

    • Gilesy says:

      THE GIRLS was originally conceived as a response to a workshop production called THE BOYS that played at the National Theatre some years ago by the now defunct Grassmarket Project. It was based on true life stories, and featured one of our current cast members, Isabel Onyemere. Our Producer and Writer/Director took on the cast of THE GIRLS from the ailing theatre company and produced an original workshop production with them at the Warehouse Theatre in Croydon in 2011. We kept the name of the play as THE GIRLS for the new production, even though Nathan’s role had now developed into something much more significant, as the original idea was that he would play the male roles in all the female characters’ scenes. This parallels the development of the Grassmarket Project’s show THE BOYS, where the female characters became more pronounced than was envisaged at the outset. Add to this the fact that we sadly lost one of our female actors two days before last year’s workshop production opened and the balance of girl/boy was further skewed. We like this seemingly incongruous title, maybe because it holds so much of the history of the piece in just two words.

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